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Shocking Atrocities in Paris

I don’t usually blog anything – preferring to tweet my thoughts, but I think I may blog more often now that I have this platform to do it from (Thanks to Keith Martinez for setting this up for me). I was really shocked about the shootings in Paris, France – and I think the world has gone completely mad! I mean, 9/11 was really bad and although this doesn’t compare, it is no less upsetting and deplorable than every other terrorist attack around the globe. This may have been aimed at a satirical news outfit with religious motives, but whats to stop anyone attacking the office of a company who does something an individual or group of individuals disagree with or take offense too? For example, take the fairly recent banking crisis (Yes – I know if has nothing to do with this, but bare with me and as Robert Agostinelli is in Finance and Rhone has an office in Paris – it is sort of relevant…). You don’t need religion and ‘killing in the name of’ to go ‘postal’. An individual (Or group of) could have been deeply affected by that financial issue, taken up arms, stormed an office and shot everyone – because they were offended by the actions of others. The events in Paris are exactly that – Individuals have been offended by the actions of others, with the added variable of using religion as a means to justify their endeavor. It really does sicken me. And while my example of a financial crisis causing enough distress to drive someone to mass shooting is not comparable to the Paris event or possibly any other terrorist related even, the point I am trying to make is that it doesn’t seem to take much these days for someone to go on a killing spree – regardless of the catalyst.