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  • Robert Agostinelli reasearch – harder than it seems….

Robert Agostinelli reasearch – harder than it seems….

Robert Agostinelli reasearch – harder than it seems….

Robert Agostinelli reasearch - harder than it seems....

Robert Agostinelli reasearch – harder than it seems….

I am not sure if I have hit a brick wall with my search for information. Or as I suspect – there is not as much information about Robert Agostinelli on the Internet as I thought. Another theory is that I have been predominantly using Google to search for information. I may actually have exhausted their index listing of links (If that’s even possible). I only say this because after a quick search with BING (Microsoft’s search engine), what is returned is a little different. There may be some articles or information there about  Robert Agostinelli that has previously eluded me. This leads me to believe that there is much more out there than I have already found – but has either not been indexed by the major search engines, or buried deep within countless websites, that haven’t gone to the trouble of optimizing their pages for search engines. If this is the case – finding new material, or even extensions of the current material I have uncovered, is going to be quite difficult. What is particularly frustrating, is that for all the charity work Robert Agostinelli does, along with the work that Rhone does (Of which Robert is one of the founders) – surprisingly little information, news, etc. exists. I would have thought that there would be more about him with Friends of Israel or The C Group, but those avenues of data mining have proved to be a bit of a dead end. There is information, but not much. As he is a very private man,  I don’t expect a lot of information to turn up en mass, but after trawling through the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times websites for a few days – I think there might be enough in there from time to time to sustain my research. He does pen some interesting letters/responses to their copy sometimes. 🙂  

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