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Found this on the WSJ from RA – CA

Given the serial insults to our shared Anglo -Saxon heritage by the Marxist indoctrinated Obama, we are to be excused if we have become numb to his abuse.
Less we forget, his first official act the day following his inauguration was to march back to the Oval Office and summarily return the bust of Churchill given to President Bush by Tony Blair, a sign of the infinite ties between our nations in a time of war. He has sneered at our timeless traditions and values.
With the common arrogance of his alleged father, Mau-mau loving Islamist Obama Sr. , his disregard of England is as insulting as the shameful gifts he bore in a visit to Queen Elizabeth recently.

Now is his latest intrusion into the sovereign decisions of this great Island, a staunch allie to the United States, he is threatening retribution should we follow the course of our hearts and minds and frankly sane logic, and break free from the lies and corruption that the EU has predictably become.
His reflexes are now always predictable and constantly remind us of his indoctrination : TYRANNY BEFORE FREEDOM , FOES BEFORE ALLIES.

Eventually we will awake from the reflex of decency and rationalisation of his actions as being confused or wrong footed for these presume he is on our side ; he is not and never has been.
His actions are those of one inimical to our best interests.
From Israel to England any attempt to assert these interests is met with the same venom.
Far from being at “the back of any queue ” England is and will remain shoulder to shoulder with America despite the presumption of tyrannical imposition by this pretender. As Mr. ROBERTS clearly states, should the English people decide in their best interest to “leave” as allie and major trading partner natural adjustments will be made by our fellow allies to insure a seamless transition. Only an enemy would react in this manner and no matter his intent not even Mr. Obama will alter the course of We ” the English speaking peoples” and our traditions of freedom for all.

Robert F. Agostinelli

London, England‎

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