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Easter Sunday High Mass at the Brompton Catholic Oratory

Dear ….
The Holy Father yesterday again called on Europe to welcome immigrants.
You are right when you say that he certainly realises that most of these migrants are Muslims.
One thing to bear in mind is that the Pope is someone who, like Obama, often repeats publicly that Islam is a religion of peace. When Obama and the Pope say this, it is invariably declared in an authoritative tone that defies contradiction. And yet, as far as I know, neither has ever publicly provided any evidence for Islam being essentially a religion of peace. As the word Islam means “submission”, an explanation of how exactly Islam can be a religion of peace in the way that genuine Christianity is would be welcome, and I am certainly open to hearing it if anyone cares to offer one.

In June 2014 the Pope invited an imam and other religious leaders to pray for peace with him in the Vatican gardens at an ecumenical service. When the imam’s turn came, he strayed from the script that had been presented beforehand to the Vatican and prayed that Allah would grant “victory over the Infidel” (that includes Christians and Jews). Vatican information services first tried to spin this, by saying that the imam meant atheists, and when this didn’t wash they resorted to denying that the prayer had ever been made and released a clumsily cut video with the embarrassing section removed as evidence. This was silly, because other people had also filmed it and could show that the imam was praying for victory over us.

Another thing to remember is that in September  2006 there was a terrific storm over an address that Pope Benedict XVI gave on faith and reason at Regensburg University, in which he referred to a medieval emperor accusing Islam of being an aggressive force. It was a brilliant and historically important speech, which was essentially inviting (challenging) modern day Islam to engage in dialogue to find a way in which reason (which is trodden in the mud in fundamentalist religious systems) might be allowed to demonstrate or establish it’s rightful sovereignty within Islam. Benedict XVI was attacked by the left for daring to raise such an awkward question, and the hooha was also exploited by Vatican high-ups who were opposed to the reforms the Pope was implementing in order to pull the Secretariat of State into line in Rome. It was the first major crisis of Pope Benedict’s pontificate, when he found himself under siege from the media and vulnerable and isolated in the Church. Sadly, one of the most damaging public attacks on him came from the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires (now the Pope), who gave a statement to the press damning Pope Benedict’s address for its insensitivity.

So we are told to welcome Muslim immigrants by people who insist that Islam is a religion of peace. But when we ask these people to demonstrate how it is a religion of peace, we are shot down in flames, because it’s considered an impudent (inconvenient?) question to raise.

The decisions that are being made now will affect the future of Europe and the world dramatically. We should be sure that there is a sound intellectual basis for our decisions, rather than mere sentiment. Alas, this seems impossible.

On the one hand we are told that Islam is a religion of peace by people who seem unwilling to prove this, and on the other we have the voice of someone like the exiled Archbishop of Mosul saying the opposite. Everyone should learn this statement off by heart. Let us not say we did not see this coming:

And also the words of this Hungarian bishop, whom I know quite well- he is intelligent and down-to-earth, and as with the Archbishop of Mosul the basis for his argument is reason and experience rather than idealism and sentimentalism (he was also a professional goal-keeper before taking Holy Orders):

The people who are suffering most (actual genocide) in the middle East are Christians, but sadly there is no priority to help them (the media certainly gives the impression that even the Pope is a lot more worried about global warming than the extinction of Christianity in it’s birthplace). The Christians are not even making it into refugee camps (when they do, they are persecuted and killed). Meanwhile, we allow their persecutors to come and live here: And this sort of thing has been going on for quite some time in our own country:

A good friend who works for a news service was sent to a refugee camp last week and told to make sure he captured the sound of crying babies and children in the background for a report for the radio. All he could find in the camp was men in their twenties and thirties. When he eventually heard himself on the radio, he was taken aback to hear that the sound of screaming babies had been provided.

When you have a house and a family, Max, you will have the right (and a duty) to defend them. If strangers seek entry, you have the responsibility as a husband and a father to make sure that they are ok. It would be morally wrong for you to let them in regardless, and then find that they’d violated your home and abused your family. This is basic Christian morality, and the same principle holds for people seeking entry Into a country. Certainly, we should be generous and help the desperate. But let’s be rational (being a Christian and a Catholic shouldn’t mean suspending reason) and we should not allow ourselves to be victims of propaganda.

I’m writing this email in confidence because this sort of stuff obviously causes a lot of upset. I fear that many people today would rather believe a lie than entertain truths which are uncomfortable. It’s a dangerous situation to be in.

Interesting – CA

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