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America the Indispensable – by Rupert Murdoch “This is why one must be proud to be American and I was co chair of this event. These words are vital for your future and your children’s future. America is witness to Gods presence on earth and has his blessing. It is your moral duty and high obligation to neither neglect or take lightly this bounty of good.

Your grandfather almost died in the cold of Korea defending this creed.

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Roberts Response to “Kremlin’s London Murder”

Response to “Kremlin’s London Murder” The FSB and forerunner KGB are the muscular armpit of the evil Marxist tyranny seed that has strangled life and decency out of the land of the Czar.

The modern version is as crooked and treacherous as any invention Stalin or Smersh could invent. Vladimir Putin is a killer, a rogue thief and probable paedophile. Cynical, power hungry man where lies and deceit and indeed murder with polonium- 10 are mere extensions of his trade. Cold blooded       murder placing innocents at risk must be met with steel.  Putin’s disregard for sovereignty and any semblance of the rule of law are completely logical given his training and the tepid leadership in the West. With useful idiot Obama and his surround of leftist sympathizers to mushy thinking Merkel and Cameron who is to deny him ?

Blowing commercial airlines out of the sky, eliminating adversaries across street from American embassy in London to hooking up with henchman Assad and his Mullah backers is all a logical extension from our weakness.  The artistry of this animal is something to behold for he is able to seduce the weak amongst us to consider him a real leader; “Uncle Joe II”.   If Cameron fails to respond supported by Europe and all law abiding nations the signal will be clear for the rouge behavior to  mutate as all unmarked evil invariably does into another level of threat to our existence.

Robert F. Agostinelli

London, England

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Roberts Response to “Our Principles Are All We Have” by Agnieszka Kolakowska, Standpoint Jan/Feb 2016

Roberts Response to “Our Principles Are All We Have” by Agnieszka Kolakowska, Standpoint Jan/Feb 2016 In her January/February dispatch, “Our Principles Are All We Have,” Agnieszka Kolakowska rightly laments that, “Neither the government nor the media response [to Islamist slaughter of innocent civilians in Paris] inspires hope.” This perilous state of affairs has come about precisely because the government and the media no longer espouse traditional Western values to which the rest of us cling. The savage assault of Marxist Political Correctness has hollowed out our values to the marrow. Like a virulent termite, it has eaten the tree of democracy to the point that the youth of Europe no longer understand what is right from wrong and the imperative to defend their patrimony.

The hesitation, indeed apologetic manner, with which common citizens gingerly approach the term “Islam” when speaking of terrorism exposes our will caving into surrender and supplication. Such cowardice was preordained by virtually every maniac imam in the 79 French mosques that have been deemed radical.

One consequence of the lack of seriousness that hobbles Europe is a preference for trite slogans instead of concrete policies to confront the imminent threat posed by an ascendant, violent Islam bent on conquest. Masses march in the streets declaring “Je suis Charlie,” but we are not Charlie; he is dead. And we are not all “Parisians now,” for those that are referred to are equally dead or maimed by the mayhem of the radicals who wage deadly jihad in the name of their ancient “prophet” who perpetrated this invented theocracy on to the Bedouins 1,300 years ago. To turn the tide, we must dedicate ourselves not to be victims, but victors.

Civilized society is at a crossroads, but it ignored the amber caution light and sped past the signal as it turned hot red. The option of pulling a U-turn and heading back has gone. We are at war for the very existence of liberal Judeo-Christian culture that inspired Europe and which for centuries stood firm against this threat.

It is time to call the enemy by name; it is “Islamist terror,” period. The jihad is not only perpetrated by the murderers with AK-47s or near hypnotised idiots with suicide vests but also all those Muslims who tacitly ascribe to the horrors of sharia and its rule of tyranny. These are the millions of Muslims in our midst who embrace jihad as “reasonable” — the rings of supporters who buttress the fighters and legitimise their evil.

This war will not be won with slogans and desperate hopes that maybe some disparate parts of worldwide Islam somewhere actually resemble a religion of peace. This war can only be won with action. Here is the only policy agenda that has a modicum of chance to succeed against the odds and which must be promulgated in France and similarly in every nation in Europe:

1. No more mosques period anywhere. As Kolakowska reminded us in her article, even President Francois Mitterrand refused to allow the construction of mosques in France unless the Saudis would permit churches to be built in Arabia. Are we made of weaker steel than a 20th century Socialist? 2. Radical mosques are all closed. Known rabble-rouser imams are deported, when possible incarcerated in a distant Guantanamo-like facility to be joined by all known/convicted terrorists and their support network when identified. They are to be treated as non uniformed combatants in accordance with the Geneva convention. 3. The hard-core madrassas must be shuttered as well the no-go sharia zones eliminated by force if necessary. 4. All Muslim immigrants must speak French and vow allegiance to the values of France. Practicing their religion must be subordinated to those values of democracy and human rights that define citizenship. 5. All “laicite” abominations which have forced others to be sensitised to Muslim practice are to be outlawed by the Assembly. 6. Borders must be enforced with particular awareness to those travelling from Muslim-dominant nations. The Israeli system of individual interrogation upon entry needs to become commonplace. 7. The French intelligence system is traditionally one of the finest. It needs its policing and eavesdropping capacity enhanced with Arabic-speaking feet on the ground in the seething Islamic suburbs like the Moroccan and Egyptian intelligence forces operate to keep an eye on their rebellious neighborhoods. 8. The laws and penalties for known terrorists and their abetters must become ruthless. Like in Israel and the West Bank, homes of known terrorist networkers should be bulldozed. 9. Purported Muslim moderates have to be called to the fore, or in other words, their bluff needs to be called. If they truly do not support their radical co-religionists, they need to prove it by joining local councils that out radicals among them and recommend changes to religious training in mosques and madrassas that teach a version of Islam compliant and consistent   with French values. In other words they have to join us in this war. 10. The civilized world needs to unify to confront the threat. Every country in Europe, the United States as well as enlightened leadership in more moderate Arab states like Jordan, the Sissi regime the house of Saud, Kuwait and the Emirates  must have greater intelligence sharing. 11. Finally, an emergent ISIS, as well as the exiting Shia radicals, must be defeated in their own lands. This is not merely a regional problem in the Middle East; it is our problem on our own soil, as the terrorists prove every time they target our citizens in our own cities.

The debacle of Barack Obama’s failed leadership converted desert victory into defeat and provided the oxygen the jihadist monster needed to grow and be unleashed on the world. In the chaos caused by the power vacuum inherent in his smug, infantile policy of “leading from behind,” we are forced to put boots on the ground once again. Politically-vetted minor sorties are nothing more than bad theatre and do not constitute a strategy that will bring victory. This is total war and must be treated as such.

These policy prescriptions will be deemed extreme by many. The weak-kneed and uncommitted should ask the relatives of those murdered in cold blood by these devils if it is so unreasonable. I know what Winston Churchill, who beckoned his countrymen to “deserve victory,” would have said … Maybe even Mitterrand.

Robert F. Agostinelli
Paris, France

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